Chinese Historical Society of New England / <sponsor name here> Scholarship Competition


The Chinese Historical Society of New England ("CHSNE") is soliciting new corporate sponsors to underwrite at least two scholarships to be awarded to high school seniors of Chinese ancestry entering a New England college in the fall annually. Each Scholarship is $500 per year. If the recipient maintains full-time enrollment in good standing, he/she will be awarded $500 each year following the initial award year for up to a total of four award years ($2,000 maximum).

The CHSNE Scholarship was established in 1994 through the founding sponsorship of Waterman & Sons-Waring-Langone to encourage students of Chinese ancestry to become well versed in their heritage and to contribute to the continuing development of their community.

CHSNE's mission is to document, preserve and promote the history and legacy of the Chinese in New England. New corporate sponsors are welcomed to continue support of CHSNE's mission by funding the Scholarship in part or its entirety, and thanks the Chinese community for its loyal patronage over the years.
Criteria for Eligibility

(A) Chinese ancestry.
(B) Resident of a city or town in Eastern Massachusetts.
(C) Acceptance to a college or university in New England.

2008 Chinese Historical Society of New England Inc.

China Trade Center 2 Boylston Street, G-3 Boston, MA 02116

Phone: (617) 338-4339 Fax: (617) 338-9339

Selection Criteria
Selection will be made by the CHSNE / <sponsor name here> Scholarship Committee. Selection will be based on the excellence of a 500-word essay, which addresses the applicant's awareness of his/her cultural heritage and participation in community activities. The essay should also discuss the applicant's thoughts on how he/she will meet the objectives underlying the CHSNE / <sponsor name here> Scholarship. Finalists will be invited for an interview by the Scholarship Committee.
Obligations of the Recipient
Each recipient will be required to: (A) submit a 500-word annual report regarding his/her progress in meeting the objectives of the scholarship and a transcript; and (B) participate in CHSNE activities, including the annual dinner in the fall to be recognized as scholarship recipient by the CHSNE / <sponsor name here> Scholarship Committee.

Application is closed at this time until further notice.

Questions or Corporate Sponsorship inquiries?

Please email to or leave a message at (617) 338-4339.