Sojourner Award

The early Chinese immigrant pioneers were typically sojourners–workers looking for a piece of the Gold Mountain to take back to China to help their families. Many faced conditions of racism, exclusion and economic exploitation, even as they helped transform America by building railroads, establishing fisheries, harvesting crops, and producing in factories. Our place today in this society rests, in part, on their legacy. It is in memory of their unrecognized struggles and profound contributions that we offer the Sojourner Award.

2016 Sojourner Award Recipients:


Amy Guen
Dedicated community advocate who established essential community-based social service agencies








South Cove Community Health Center
Community leader and provider of linguistic and culturally nuanced healthcare







Past recipients:
2015 – Arthur Wong, Gary Libby
2014 – Boston Dragon Boat Festival
2013 – South Cove Manor
2012 – Billy Chin, Jill Cheng
2011 – The Boston Knights Chinese Athletic Club, Davis Woo
2010 – Madeline C. Wong
2009 – Shanghai Printing Company, Sun Sun Company
2006 – May Lo, Felix Lui, Wang YMCA
2005 – Frank Chin, Chee Kong Tong / Chinese Freemasons
2003 – Bo Sim Mark, National Archives and Records Administration, Northeast Region
2002 – Tunney Lee, Schlesinger Library
2000 – Sampan Community Newspaper
1998 – Neil Chin, Kew Sing Music Club
1997 – William Seamy Wong, Joseph Yuu, New England Chinese Women’s Association
1996 – Paul Chan, Doris Chu, Eugene Wu, Kwong Kow Chinese School (Fung Ming Lee, Principal)
1995 – Aili S. Chin, David S.Y. Wong, Reginald Wong


Members of the New England Chinese Women’s Association congregated in their Boston Chinatown headquarters on September 1, 1940. (CHSNE collection)